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Many don’t know that walk in bathtubs are beneficial to have in your CT household, when in fact they come with many benefits. Just a few of the benefits they produce are they can increase sleep, help with joint pain, and reduce stress. They certainly are not a regular bathtub.
One benefit of a walk in bathtub is they help with people who have limited mobility. They are able to walk right into the bathtub with no walls to climb. There are also seats and grab bars, so that falling isn’t an issue.

Another benefit to walk in bathtubs is people are able to keep their independence. They are able to do this because of the safety features. The safety grab bars come in play along with anti-slip floors. There are also wheelchair accessible walk in bathtubs, everyone has a chance to keep their independence and enjoy their bathing experience.

Luxury and relaxing benefits come with the tubs as well. You are able to enjoy a bath with hydrotherapy and jets, chromatherapy, deep soaks, and more. There will be no need to go to a spa.

One more benefit is that Walk in bathtubs can be beneficial to your health. Relaxing in the tub with a light massage can help decrease joint pain. It can also increase your circulation by opening up your skin’s capillaries that helps increase your blood flow and oxygen that removes toxins from your body.

Walk in tubs have many benefits, more than people realize. They can not only put you in a relaxed setting but they can also improve your life style. Add one to your Connecticut home today and see why.