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As you age it is important to consider making appropriate changes to your home to keep it safe and easy to move about as you age.  By spending a little bit of money now, you can enjoy many more years in your Connecticut home.  Consider the most dangerous places in your home and the changes you can make to ensure years more of enjoyment in the house that you love.

Walk in Tubs – Adding a walk in tub to your bathroom is a great way to add safety to your CT home.  Walk in tubs are easy to get in and out of.  They offer massaging jets and physical and mental health benefits as well.  The bathroom is one of the most dangerous places in your home, but a walk in tub can make it much safer for the future.  It will also promote good hygiene even when it gets tougher to bathe as you age.

Stair Lifts – If your home has steep stairs to climb, you may want to consider adding a stair lift to your home.  A stair lift has a comfortable seat that will gently carry you up and down the stairs.  This will help prevent you from falling and seriously injuring yourself.  You can also consider adding an elevator to your home, but stair lifts are generally more cost effective.

Little Changes That Go A Long Way – You can make small changes to your home to help you remain safe and independent as you age beyond lifts and walk in tubs.  Adding handles instead of knobs to doors is a great way to make it easy to open and close doors without worrying about arthritis pain.  Adding a slip resistant coating to slippery floors is a great way to help keep you from falling within your own home.  Adding handles and railings is also a great way to help you keep your balance as you move about your home.  Sometimes a very small change can make a very big impact.  You can make living in your home much more comfortable with little effort.

Consider making a few simple safety changes in your CT home and you can have years more of independent enjoyment there.  If you are in need of a walk in tub, call Independent Home of Connecticut today.  We can help you find the perfect walk in tub for you.  Stay independent and safe!


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