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When we think of walk in tubs, we think of the physical benefits that come along with owning one, but what about the psychological benefits that can come along with it as well?  Adding a walk in tub to your home is not only good for the body, it is also good for the mind.  Wondering how owning a walk in tub could affect your mind?  Here are some great benefits of using a walk in tub in your CT home:

Peace of Mind – When you feel safe in your bathroom it will give you peace of mind.  Nothing causes anxiety like the fear or falling or serious injury.  When you remove that fear you will alleviate stress and enjoy bathing more.  All of these positive emotions will lead to overall positive effects on the body and mind.

Better Sleep Cycle – By bathing in your walk in tub before bed, you can improve your sleep cycle.  With the help of gentle massaging jets or chromotherapy and aromatherapy, you can create a relaxing spa like experience that will send you to bed relaxed and rejuvenated.  By improving your sleep cycle you will improve your overall mental attitude both while you sleep and during your day.

Physical Massage For Mental Benefits – Massaging away aches and pains from muscle tension and arthritis will make you feel better physically.  When you aren’t worrying about pain as much, you are likely to see an improved mental state.  Feeling good physically is an important step to feeling good mentally.  Walk in tubs offer a range of massaging jets to help you see the many benefits of massage.

Using Sight and Smell For Mental Benefits – Walk In Tubs can come equipped with aromatherapy and chromotherapy.  Aromatherapy pumps pleasant smells through your walk in tub to help create a calming atmosphere.  Chromotherapy uses color to effect the brain.  It changes the color of the water in your walk in tub to help evoke positive emotions from the user.  The combined effect of both luxury bathing options can have a wonderful effect on your mental state and can help you relax and feel rejuvenated.

Bathing itself can make you feel good through the act of washing away dirt and soaking in the warm and calming waters.  If bathing has become a hassle or is causing stress in your life, consider a walk in tub for your Connecticut home.  Walk in tubs will improve your hygiene, physical state, and mental state when used effectively.  Call Independent Home today for more information.