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Many walk in tubs have the luxury of coming with a full hydrotherapy spa.  Hydrotherapy is the use of water jets and air massage jets to help take away arthritis and joint pain as well as massage the body. When you have a walk in tub with hydrotherapy, it is like having a medical spa right in your Connecticut home.  With the benefits of a hydrotherapy walk in bathtub, you will begin to feel better in no time.

Hydrotherapy Jets

The hydro jets and air jets are what make a walk in tub a hydrotherapy bath. The jets help increase your body’s circulation which helps you obtain a greater range of motion. As your circulation is increasing, your joint pain is being reduced and your muscles are being rehabilitated.

Reducing Arthritis Pain

How does hydrotherapy reduce arthritis pain? Simply just by soaking in the warm water, your joint inflammation will reduce. When you add in the gentle pulse of the massaging jets, your blood will begin to flow, and your pain will naturally decrease. Blood flow also helps take away the day’s tension and relaxes the body.

Strengthen Your Immune System

Hydrotherapy can strengthen your immune system. As you are relaxing and enjoying the massage features, your white blood cells are circulating. When white blood cells circulate, the immune system works faster. When the immune system works faster, germs are kept away.

Improve Your Sleep Cycle

Many people have trouble sleeping through the night. Using hydrotherapy can help with those sleepless nights. By enjoying a warm soak and massage features right before bedtime, your body will naturally relax and unwind making sleep come easy.

Hydrotherapy has so many benefits to help improve your quality of life.  What’s better than taking away joint and arthritis pain simply by relaxing in a warm bath?  Add a hydrotherapy walk in bathtub today to your CT home.  Call Independent Home today to learn more about our hydrotherapy walk in tubs.  We can help you find your perfect bath.

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