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Are you looking for a walk in tub to help maintain your independence and enjoy bathing again? Walk in tubs come in an assortment of models to best fit your needs. Find the right one for you!


Bathing can be a struggle if you are in a wheelchair. With a wheelchair accessible walk in tub, bathing will become a way to relax and less of a chore. Wheelchair accessible walk in tubs allow you to simply slide right onto the seat from your wheelchair, rather than having to step into the tub and face the risk of falling. There is also a model available that has a power seat that is able to lift you in and out of the tub, simply at the press of button. For the relaxing factor, hydrotherapy is available and will help reduce muscle aches and pains.


If your mobility is slowing down and you are looking for a safer bathing experience, there are walk in tubs to fit these needs. These models can simply replace and fit into the existing space of your previous tub. They provide a safe environment with non-slip floors and safety grab bars to prevent a slip and fall. Not only do these models provide safety, they also will reduce joint and arthritis pain with hydrotherapy jets. Enjoy safety and comfort all in one.


If bathtubs are not your thing but you are still on the hunt for a safe bathing environment, there is a walk in shower option. The walk in shower has a non-slip floor, a built in seat if standing becomes too much, and also a low edge for an easy entrance and exit.


No matter what type of walk in tub you are looking for, there is a model to fit your needs. Maintain your independence, stay safe, and relax with a walk in tub.